Guidelines for recommendation and reference letters

I would be glad to write a letter of recommendation/reference for students with whom I interacted significantly and successfully, e.g. if you get a good grade in one of my courses or seminars, if you worked as student-assistant, or if I supervised your MA dissertation.

To write such a letter, I need to know your general profile:

  • Send me your CV and a copy of your motivation letter.
  • Give me details about your academic performance, including your grades, and a sample of seminar papers.
  • Let me know about the key points to be emphasized in the letter and give me any other useful guidance.

Please provide me with all the relevant information about your application:

  • A description of the job or program you are applying for, including address, documents and links.
  • Any specific format, deadlines, or other formalities I need to be aware of.
  • Clarify if you need a confidential or non-confidential statement.

Please send me all these pieces of information in a single email and allow me at least one month to write the letter.