Guidelines for PhD project proposals

In our University we supervise PhD projects written by teaching assistants and SNF researchers. These positions are regularly advertised on the employment website of the University of Lausanne.

We do not usually accept external PhD students, except for a very small number of scholarship students that are required to receive an official Swiss fellowship before starting the PhD.

Therefore, if you wish to contact me:

  • First ensure that you have a reasonable chance to obtain a suitable fellowship, e.g. a Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship or a Doc.CH program. To do so, have a look at deadlines and conditions on the dedicated websites.
  • You should also carefully read the regulations issued by our Faculty, especially the details about our registration and enrollment procedure.
  • As a third preliminary step, please check that your PhD proposal fits neatly into my research agenda.
  • Then, you can send me a PhD proposal in conformity with the formal and substantial requirements of the target fellowship, along with a motivation letter and a cv (in a single email).
  • Please allow me at least one month to consider your application.