Guidelines for MA dissertation proposals

If you are a MA student in political science and/or public administration at the University of Lausanne, you can contact me to supervise your MA dissertation. Priority will be given to students having followed the orientation International Governance and Public Administration of the master in Public Management and Policy. Other students are welcome if their proposals fit into my areas of expertise. Please send me the following information in a single email.

First of all, I need to know your general profile:

  • Did you take one of my classes?
  • Please send me your CV.
  • Give me details about your academic performance, including your grades and a sample of seminar papers.

Furthermore, you should send me a short pre-proposal (1-2 pages), including:

  • A working title.
  • An abstract (150 words).
  • A clear question.
  • A short literature review: explain how your study adds to, develops, or challenges existing literature in the field.
  • Working hypotheses, if any.
  • A preliminary methods section: what is your strategy to answer your question?
  • The expected deadlines for submission.

Please allow me up to one month to reply.